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Why we love Fifteen52 wheels and why we became a dealer - a brief history

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Since establishing our business in 2009, we've seen many brands come and go.  We've been fortunate to have been able to choose what brands we would like to carry for our discerning clients.  One of the brands we've been happy to see grow is Fifteen52, started in 1996 out of California.  Fifteen52 did not always make wheels, but started as a motorsport shop catering to the Porsche motorsport world.

Fast forward many years and to the first Gymkhana days with Ken Block, as shown above.  These viral videos of Ken ripping up the streets with great drone footage and unique angles took the internet by storm.  Luckily, or strategically, fifteen52 was able to secure a contract with Ken to be the wheel sponsor for his wild Gymkhana videos.  The Tarmac wheel featured on his Ford and other vehicles became instantly famous and was integral for jumpstarting fifteen52's wheel business.

The marketing genius continued at Fifteen52 as they formed a partnership with Magnus Walker, a renowned figure in the Porsche world.  Most Porsche enthusiasts have a strong opinion about Magnus as he often divides the purist and tuner sides of Porsche ownership.  Either way, Fifteen52 developed a strong relationship with Magnus and leveraged his audience to be the wheel supplier on several builds he is involved on.  They even developed a Magnus specific wheel that is meant for old and new school Porsches, the "52OUTLAW Wheels".

We even used some wheels for a build we are particularly proud of, the Artoo Fiat 500.  Our sister business, Bean Garage, helped source these wheels for a local enthusiast back in Florida in collaboration with wrap designer Skepple Inc.

Since that build back in 2013, Fifteen52 went under some management changes and we are proud to announce that they are back in FULL FORCE, with Furious Customs being one of the best dealers around for their monoblock wheels!

The designers at Fifteen52 are continuing to make wheels that are simple and timeless.  They take a lot of design cues from motorsports history and stick with the KISS principle.  Take a look at their current offerings below.

Current Fifteen52 Monoblock Wheels Catalog

Fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels

Lightweight, classic style wheel available in grey or white.  

  • Many bolt patterns available
  • Comes in White or Grey
  • Sizes: 17x7.5" or 18x8.5"

Fifteen52 Turbomac Wheels

Altering the famous Tarmac wheel a bit and adding cutouts near the edge of the rim, the Turbomac wheel is a rally inspired wheel that definitely looks different from other offerings on the market.

  • Available in Black or White
  • Many bolt patterns available
  • Sizes:  17x7.5" or 18x8.5"

Fifteen52 Integrale Wheels

Inspired by the Lancia Integrale, this wheel is available in modern sizes and bolt patterns to bring that old school rally look to any ride.

  • Many bolt patterns available
  • Available in White or Silver finishes
  • Sizes: 17x7.5" or 18x8.5"

Fifteen52 Turbomac HD Wheels

Meant as more of a wheel for offroad applications, we think this would be a sweet wheel for a drift car.

  • Only in size 16x8" +0 in 5x114.3 bolt pattern
  • Available in Black or Grey finishes

If you have any questions about Fifteen52 or what our stock looks like, be sure to contact us for a quick response.  

We keep all of these in stock, ready to ship, and at the best price with free shipping, you can't go wrong shopping for Fifteen52 wheels at Furious Customs!

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