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The Ultimate Wheel Guide for the Civic Type R (FK8)

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PhotoWheel NameSizePrice / Set (Including Free Shipping)

SSR GTX01 Wheel
19x9.5" +38$1764

Enkei RPF1 Wheel 
18x8.5" +40$1224

WedsSport RN05-M Wheel 18x9.5" +36$1998

Fifteen52 Holeshot RSR (also in Magnesium Grey)19x9.5" +45$1676

Enkei Phoenix
18x8" +35$762

The new Civic Type R (FK8) is the first Civic to grace the US with the "Type R" badging!  We haven't been so lucky to get past versions like the awesome EK hatchback and Honda has finally brought their red trimmed Type R Civic to US soil.

The new Type R is a tuner's dream, featuring a highly tuned turbo 4 cylinder engine, aggressive styling, and all the other goodies you'd expect on a Honda Type R model.

The FK8 has many tuned examples already with one of the main starting mods being new wheels.  Since the Type R is already quite a complete package from the factory, a big starting mod to personalize and add more performance to the car is changing the wheels and tires.  

The Type R has a bit odd bolt pattern of 5x120.  This presents an interesting problem and opportunity for wheel manufacturers as most Japanese wheel bolt patterns have been 5x114.3.  

We're a huge fan of the new Type R and hope you enjoy our guide to help you select the best wheels for your budget and styling goals.




Perhaps the most popular style when it comes to wheels for the Civic is the JDM Time Attack / Motorsports look. This style includes one-piece cast wheels as well as one-piece forged wheels.

Popular brands include Volk Racing, Advan Racing, Work Wheels, WedsSport, SSR and Enkei. These wheels are often lightweight and stiff – ideal for racing your FK8.

Furious Customs is a dealer for all wheels shown on this page so please visit our site or contact us if you'd like a set for your car!

WedsSport RN05-M Wheel - 18x9.5"  +36

The WedsSport RN05-M wheel is a super clean, motorsports inspired wheel from famed JDM wheel manufacturer WedsSport.  The thin, curvy 5 spoke design fits the car perfectly and comes in a fairly aggressive 18x9.5" +36 5x120 fitment for the Civic Type R.

We've been a dealer for WedsSport since mid 2010s and love their involvement in racing series since the 1980s.  Shop for this wheel at the link above or contact us for any questions.

SSR GTX01 Wheel - 19x9.5" +38

Another under rated brand in the JDM Wheel space is SSR.  They have roots tracing back to the 80's alongside WedsSport with actual racing history to help them develop wheels for their racing applications.  

The latest series of GT wheels from SSR have been awesome - flow formed technology to keep the weight and price down.  One of the newest wheels from their flow formed series is this GTX01 wheel.  

The GTX01 wheel has an awesome concave design with intricate cutout details to set it apart from other split spoke wheels in this category.  Additionally, it comes in a Civic Type R fitment of 19x9.5" +38 (obviously 5x120 bolt pattern) in their special Blue Gunmetal finish that looks just awesome on the Championship White color.

Volk TE37 Wheel - 18x9.5" +38

An obvious choice for any Japanese car is the famed Volk Racing TE37 Wheel.  This looks good on just about anything and the new Type R is no exception.

With sets in this spec at around $3400 shipped, it's definitely not a budget friendly wheel - however it is one of the nicest and lightest setups you can find from the highly regarded Japan based Volk Racing brand.

If you are interested in a set of Volk Racing TE-37 wheels for your Type R, please contact us for availability and pricing - these sets go quickly so we do not have them actively listed on our catalog.

Advan GT Wheel - 19x9.5" +35

Similar to the Volk TE37 in both price and street cred, the Advan GT wheel is a famous, forged wheel from Japanese brand Advan Racing that fits the Type R very well.  

The five spoke wheel from Advan features a deep lip and aggressive looking concave spokes.  It's very light as a result of the forging process and is a great upgrade for the FK8 Civic Type R.

If you are interested in a set of Advan Racing GT wheels for your Type R, please contact us for availability and pricing.  You can also shop the wheel at the link above for pricing and finish variations.

Advan RSII Wheel - 19x9.5" +35

Another heavy hitter from Advan Racing is the RSII wheel.  This wheel features a clean 10 spoke design with a deep concave towards the center hub.  

As with the Advan GT wheel above, most of Advan wheels are special order from Japan with 3-5 month lead time.  This may seem like a long time to wait for a set of wheels for your Type R but the advantage is that it is to your exact spec and that there are most likely less than a hand full of sets in that same spec in the USA.

More Fitments and Examples of Wheels for Honda Civic Type R

OEM Acura NSX Wheels - 19x8.5" +55

Volk Racing ZE40 Wheels - 18x9.5" +40

Volk Racing TE37 Wheels - 18x10" +41

Volk Racing CE28N SL Wheels - 18x9.5" +44

Enkei NT03RR Wheels - 18x9.5" +45

Work Emotion CR Kiwami Wheels - 18x9.5" +38

We hope that this guide helps you out when choosing from a huge range of wheels on the market - we are quite biased when it comes to wheels as we prefer the high end, Japanese brands.  

If you need any pricing or availability checks for any wheels shown above (or not), feel free to give us a shout at our Contact Us page.  We'd lvoe to help you get your dream set of wheels for your 10th Gen Honda Civic Type R.

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