Enkei Wheels

Enkei Wheels 

Enkei Wheels - lightweight, affordable, and stylish.  You can't go wrong taking your car to the next level with Enkei Wheels, an internationally known wheel brand with car enthusiasts and race teams.

Enkei designs and manufactures some of the world's most beautiful lightweight wheels.  It is one of the world's best known wheel companies that supplies wheels to the aftermarket car market, OEM car companies, and motorsports racing teams.  You know that wheels can make or break a ride and that's what Furious Customs is happy to be selling such a high quality wheel line that is affordable for every car enthusiast.  Enkei custom wheels are original designs that go through a rigorous manufacturing system to ensure the lightest weight and strongest construction.  They surpass global manufacturing specifications and even produce wheels for OEMs like Toyota, Subaru, Honda, and more.  

You came to look at Enkei wheels for a reason - because you've seen them on race cars or at a local car show.  Formula One race teams trust the quality of Enkei - now that's a great testimonial!  


The legacy of Enkei Wheels goes back to 1950 when the company was started in Japan as Enshu Keigokin Co., LTD., which translates to “Light Alloy of the Province of Enshi."  After many years of successfully supplying car enthusiasts and race teams with their light weight, strong wheels, Enkei now produces over 10 million wheels a year made in factories around the globe.  You and your car deserve the best when it comes to one of the most important aspects of the car - the wheels!


Enkei's wheel line consists of lightweight racing wheels, tuning wheels, and classic design wheels.  Check out full catalog to select the size that will fit your car and flow with the theme of your ride.  If you have any questions regarding wheel fitment or tire sizing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best Selling Enkei Wheels

Enkei RPF1 Wheels Enkei RPF1 Wheel The Enkei RPF1 wheel is the best combination of light weight, high strength, and beautiful design.  We are a large stocking dealer of this wheel and most ship within same day of ordering directly to your house or business.  It is available in many aggressive wide sizes as well as normal replacement sizes to replace your stock wheels.  
Enkei Kojin Wheels Enkei Kojin Wheel The Enkei Kojin wheel is new for 2013 and features a large 5 spoke face.  This tuning series wheel from Enkei combines a clean design and an optional concave face (available with wheel widths 9" +).  This wheel has been popular in the professional drift circuit as its light weight and aggressive sizing allows to take up the wide fenders of RWD drift vehicles like the Nissan S13 or Mazda RX-7
Enkei Raijin Wheel Enkei Raijin Wheel Another popular seller at Furious Customs is the Enkei Raijin wheel which features a full face mesh design that is clean and functional.  Like the Kojin wheel, this wheel is also available in a deep concave face in widths of 9" and more.  This wheel is perfect for those looking to do a staggered setup or get a European look to their car.  There's a quick video introducting this wheel from Enkei Wheels - check it out here.

Enkei Wheels Technology

How can a company like Enkei make such high quality wheels that combine light weight, strength, and an affordable price point?

Enkei focuses on stiffness and lightness for their full range of race inspired wheels.  Although lightness is usually the item most associated with a great wheel, stiffness is equally important.  Often confused with strength, a wheel's stiffness refers to how resilient it is when exposed to force and that it will not deform.  

Through Enkei's decades of motorsports and customer driven research, it uses highly advanced 3D modeling methods to ensure strength, lightness, and stiffness are all in perfect harmony to create the best wheel at the best value for its customers.  Furious Customs is proud to be an Enkei wheels dealer.

Enkei Wheels

Enkei Motorsports Involvement

Enkei is a company that embodies the "talk it walk it" saying.  They have participated in motorsports programs since they founding in 1950 such as:

  • Formula One
  • JCTC
  • Formula D
  • Rally
  • DTM

Sponsoring such racecars brings a challenge to Enkei's engineers in that it must produce custom racing wheels to conform to the strict rules of each series.  One of the most notable teams Enkei has been the wheel sponsor for is the McLaren Formula One team, which Enkei has supported since 1995.

Enkei OEM Wheel Provider

Enkei doesn't limit itself to aftermarket wheels or motorsports racing wheels, but it also is the supplier to OEMs like Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and more.  It's a huge compliment to Enkei that these companies would trust them with one of the most important aspects of a car - the wheels.

Frontstreet posted an insightful article showing a behind-the-scenes look at Enkei's OEM wheel factory in Indiana.  It's easy to see through this picture heavy blog article that Enkei takes cleanliness and safety very seriously.  We love all of the wheel inspired art including furniture - looks like a man cave to us!


Our Favorite Enkei Wheels equipped JDM Cars

Enkei Wheels

Enkei Raijin Wheel on Subaru WRX

Enkei Wheels

Enkei RPF1 Wheels on Mazda RX-7

Enkei Wheels

Enkei RPF1 Wheels on Mazda RX-7