Advan Wheels

ADVAN Wheels : A name known around the world for their high quality racing wheels made and designed in Japan.  You've seen ADVAN wheels on drift cars, drag cars, and time attack cars since the 1980s and they continue to make innovative advancements in the tuner racing wheel world.

Furious Customs is happy to now be a dealer of Advan wheels!  We have access to their full line of wheels and keep limited stock on Advan Wheels.  Most items are custom order and brought in specifically for you so please be prepared for a lead time of at least a month for most Advan Wheels.  Please contact us to get a stock check for any Advan Wheel you are interested in getting.

Why buy Advan Wheels?

  • Race inspired wheels that not only look great, but are extremely lightweight
  • JWL & VIA certified wheels to ensure highest quality 
  • Available in a huge variety of different sizes and offsets, bolt patterns to ensure a great fitment on your car
  • Unique designs guaranteed to turn heads
  • JDM bling factor - Advan is one of the oldest and most successful wheel companies from Japan that is now known around the globe

The most popular wheel from Advan Wheels is most likely the Advan RS wheel or the Advan RGIII wheel.  The split spoke face design is extremely strong and light weight and is one of the more affordable and iconic Advan wheels available.

If you need any help with picking the right size / design / offset wheel for your car, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are known for our fast service and accurate information, and more importantly, getting your car hooked up right!

Why buy Advan Wheels online from Furious Customs?

Furious Customs is an import performance specialist - that is, everything you see on our site is hand selected and we are authorized dealers for all brands you see listed.  Advan Wheels is a great addition to our catalog as their wheel designs are perfect for the import performance cars we cater to, in addition to the low price per wheel (and free shipping!)  Most 18"-19" Advan wheels are special order with lead time of 2 months from Japan.

Please contact us if you have any questions about fitment or what size to get for your car – we are happy to help with wheel fitment advice!

  • Free shipping and fast delivery of Advan Wheels
  • Updated inventory on all Advan wheels
  • We price match, so if you see a lower price for Advan Wheels than we have listed be sure to contact us

 Our favorite Advan Wheels equipped cars

Advan Wheels on Toyota 86

Advan RGIII Wheels on Toyota 86

Advan Wheels on Civic Type R

Advan RZII Wheels on Civic Type R

Advan Wheels on Subaru WRX STI

Advan RGD2 Wheels on Subaru WRX STI

Advan Wheels on Mazda RX7

Advan RZ-DF Wheels on Mazda RX-7

Advan Wheels on Audi R8

Advan GT Wheels on Audi R8


Furious Customs has been in the wheel business since 2009 - we know wheels!  Advan Wheels is one of our favorite brands to hook up our customers with as it has a long motorsports history, unique JDM time attack wheel designs, and a variety of fitments and finishes.  Since the early days of Gran Turismo, we've been in love with this brand.  The 3 spoke Advans that became huge with the drifting scene is definitely one of the most memorable designs from the early 2000s, not to mention tons of epic designs from the 80s/90s.  We believe that if you're going to spend money on wheels on your JDM car, you should keep it to a brand that has a long legacy of producing high quality, light weight wheels - Advan Wheels.