Furious Customs offers the highest quality and hottest brands when it comes to racing and aftermarket custom wheels for your import performance ride.  With brands like Enkei, Cosmis Racing, Rotiform, SSR Wheels, 3SDM and more, Furious Customs has your wheel needs covered.

In addition to just carrying and selling wheels, we can also get you set up with the right size for your car.  Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we can help get the look you desire as we have a large knowledge of wheel brands.  Wheels are usually the first thing you need to do to set your car apart from the crowd - and the wheels you choose often make or break your look.  There are many advantages to upgrading your wheels such as aesthetic reasons, weight savings, or having wheels to use that have better racing tires than stock.  

Got questions about wheels? 

Just contact us for a personalized quote for your vehicle for the best fitment and wheels for your price range.  We can get you set up with purely a racing setup, "flush" fitment, or whatever it is you're looking to get for your project!

Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Best Wheels Guide

350Z Wheel Guide


Advantages to upgrading your stock wheels

There are many routes you can go when upgrading your wheel set that can make a big impact both performance wise and looks wise.  It's best to ask yourself what outcome you'd like after installing a new set of wheels and tires on your car - do you want it to perform better, look better, or are you just looking to replace some ratty old wheels the car came with?  We'll highlight below the different kinds of wheels.

Types of Wheels

There's generally two types of wheels that are offered on the market - sport / race oriented wheels and aesthetically pleasing wheels.  

Volk Te37 Racing Wheel

  • Sport / Race Oriented Wheels

This kind of wheel is one that you'd see on a proper race car - it usually has a flat wheel face and thin, straight spokes.  The pursuit of light weight is most important here as every ounce you save on your wheel weight over stock creates huge weight savings overall.  Rotational weight vs. static weight is about 4 times roughly speaking, so that saving of 2 pounds over your stock wheel is actually good for 8 pounds of rotational weight, which can add up quickly when it's four wheels that you're saving weight on.  These wheels are usually made of aluminum and are either one piece cast or multiple piece (2 piece or 3 piece) forged design.  

Additionally, the spoke design on sport / race oriented custom wheels is usually optimal for keeping your brakes cool under heavy use.  

Rotiform BLQ 3 Piece Forged Wheel

  • Aesthetic / Style Wheels

If racing and going fast isn't your top priority, then there's tons of options for setting your car apart from the crowd.  The wheel industry has change dramatically over the recent years with more focus on concave wheel faces and fitment with your fender as top priorities.  We sell a bit more of this style of wheel - one that is more focused on the visual appeal that it makes on the car.  These wheels are usually available in a few colors and have a concave face with a width and offset that are meant to mate perfectly with your wheel fender line.

Popular sizes with import performance cars range in the 18" wheel diameter with 8.5" width - 10.5" width for a more aggressive setup.  We offer many fully custom wheel lines where you can specify the offset, width, and bolt pattern completely custom for your applicaton to make for a true one-off wheel experience.  Companies that do this would be Rotiform, Image Wheels, 3SDM, VIP Modular, and M Technica

How are aftermarket custom wheels made?

There's a lot that goes behind making a strong and reliable wheel!  The process starts by melting down aluminum (or whatever other material the wheel is made of) and pouring it in to a pre-formed cast.  It is then cooled and inspected with excess knocked away and tested to make sure it's the wheel rolls true.  This is the most basic way a wheel is made but a lot of manufacturers have come up with their own process.  The most premium way that a wheel is made is through multiple piece forge process.  This process consists of 2 or 3 separate pieces coming together for a one-off wheel that's totally custom for your application - it is NOT a bulk process that is fast like one-piece cast wheels.  The separate pieces of the wheel are the back barrel, the wheel face, and the front barrel that are all forged under high pressure to make a light and strong wheel.  

At Furious Customs, we have hand picked the best wheels on the market for your import performance car.  We have 17" wheels, 18" wheels, and a few 19" wheels in our online catalog that are certain to take your car to the next level.  As mentioned before, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!