The Ultimate Wheel Guide for the Nissan 350Z

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The Ultimate Nissan 350Z Wheels Guide

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Top 5 Wheel Choices for the 350Z at Furious Customs

Photo Wheel Name Size Price / Wheel (including shipping)

18x9.5" +15 $396

Advan GT
18x10.5" +24 $880

Enkei RS05RR
18x10.5" +15 $576

Enkei RPF1
18x10.5" +15 $364.50

Cosmis Racing XT-006R
18x9.5" +8 $317.48

The Nissan 350Z is one of the most popular tuner cars of our generation and for many reasons.  Not only does this car have a great lineage starting back with the Datsun Z, but it combines the classic matchup of a straight 6 engine with a RWD drivetrain.  Although the 350Z has a bit of a stout weight at around 3500 lbs, it makes up for it with a strong, torquey engine and tight chassis that makes it feel nimble and balanced.  One of the iconic design elements of the 350Z is the rear strut bar as seen through the large rear hatch glass.

The 350Z marks the fifth generation of the Z line.  Available in a few different trims such as the Track spec and Enthusiast spec, the design teams at Nissan really hit the nail on the head when coming out with this Z.  It was produced in Japan from the years 2001-2007 with a slight engine change in 05-06 and again in 2007 (the later years being the "High Rev" model with a higher redline).

The 350Z saw many race series entries like JGTC, Drift, and local grassroots competitions like SCCA and NASA.  It was also popular in the Fast & Furious series with the famed Veilside kitted version in Tokyo Drift.  

We think that the 350Z is a crazy good steal for a budget minded tuner.  It is widely available in the USA and when compared to modern sports cars, a pretty good deal for under $10k.  It's a wonderful car to learn how to work on your own car as well as driving on a track and teaching yourself.

**Nissan 350Z use the 5x114.3 bolt pattern for all wheels**

Popular Wheel Styles for Nissan 350Z

JDM Motorsports Style

Perhaps the most popular style when it comes to wheels for the 350Z is the JDM Time Attack / Motorsports look. This style includes one-piece cast wheels as well as one-piece forged wheels.

Popular brands include  Volk RacingAdvan RacingWork WheelsWedsSportSSR and Enkei. These wheels are often lightweight and stiff – ideal for racing your Z.

Furious Customs is a dealer for all wheels shown on this page so please visit our site or contact us if you'd like a set for your car!

Volk Racing TE-37 – 18x10"

Starting with a heavy hitter and possibly the most popular wheel when it comes to the JDM time attack / motorsport style is the almighty Volk TE-37 wheel. Available in many different specs and colors, this wheel has been a tuner favorite for years and for good reason – super lightweight, epic clean design, and JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) style appeal. This forged wheel is best in its concave faces, which for the 350Z would be a 18x10” +15.

Volk Racing ZE40 – 18x10” +20

One of Volk Racing’s newest, popular wheels on the market is the ZE40 model. It’s a 10 spoke wheel with normally a pretty deep concave face. Not only does the concave face look amazing, but it is great for those that also have a big brake kit. We love the different finishes available on the wheel such as velvet blue, motorsport green, and classic colors like black, bronze, or gold. For JDM nerds, this wheel was very refreshing to see in Volk Racing’s lineup that has been dominated by the TE-37 for years.

Advan RG-D - 18x10 +35

Advan's RG series is one of their longest running lineups and the RG-D is one of the newest versions.  Always featuring a thin 6 spoke wheel face, the newer RG-D also features a nice flat lip.  The concave spokes and flat lip is a great look on the Z and we love how the RG-D looks on here for that JDM time attack look.

Work Emotion CR Kiwami – 19x9.5” +25 / 19x10.5" +12

Another heavy hitter is the Work Emotion CR Kiwami. This split 5 spoke wheel has a long history, specifically with the drifting community, due to its aggressive motorsports aesthetic and range of custom fitments. For the Z, we suggest going with the staggered 19" fitment for the best visual effect.

WedsSport TC-105N – 18x10” +12

Coming in at a mere 18 lbs per wheel in the 18x10” spec is the WedsSport TC-105N wheel. The price / performance ratio is hard to beat on this wheel as it outperforms most forged wheels on both price and weight. While there are many replicas of this wheel, it’s not really much more expensive to go with the real deal and enjoy the benefits of having the peace of mind of quality and the light weight benefits that this wheel offers.

Enkei RPF1 – 18x10.5 +15

classic wheel in our opinion, the Enkei RPF1 is possibly one of the most used wheels in motorsports and is a fantastic option for budget minded Nissan 350Z racers. Coming in at only 19 pounds per wheel with a cost of $1458 per set in this aggressive fitment, it’s a no brainer for many to go with a tried and true wheel used by thousands worldwide. The wheel has a long history of use in professional racing on the grassroots level as well as use in  Formula One. If you can’t tell, it’s one of the house favorites here at Furious Customs.

Show Style

Cosmis Racing XT-006R - 18x11" +8

This Rocket Bunny equipped 350Z looks stunning on the Cosmis XT-006R wheels.  Though not a "JDM" wheel, the XT-006 is super clean and has a simple 6 spoke face with a large step lip.  One of the best things about the line of Cosmis wheels is that you won't break the bank on your set of aggressive, high quality wheels - they are very affordable for the styling and sizing compared to other brands.  

As with most “Show Style” wheels, wheel weight is normally not of utmost importance so please keep that in mind!

SSR Vienna Courage - 19x12"

Sometimes all you need is a great set of wheels, a lip kit, and a drop.  Going very aggressive on this set, this owner is rocking some 12" wide wheels on stock fenders - wild!!  This just goes to show you how flexible the 350Z is when it comes to wheel fitments and what is possible.

Work Meister S1

Part of Work Wheel's 3 piece line, the Meister S1 is a classic 5 spoke design that looks amazing on almost every car it's applied to.  As this wheel is super customizable being 3 piece, this example has a deep dish and concave spokes to make for an awesome visual effect on this 350Z.

SSR Professor SP1

A similar design to the Work Meister wheel, the SSR Professor SP1 looks right at home on the 350Z.  You'll notice that the main difference in the designs in the rivets - the Work wheels have the rivets all the way around the barrel while the SSR wheels have them only in between the spokes.  The more you know, right?

Fabulous Expand Wheels

A bit out of left field are these wheels from Japanese company Fabulous.  Fabulous specializes mostly in the VIP realm of tuning and this 350Z is shown with its body kit and Expand wheels.  We love how different and unique this look is and if you're going for a show build on your 350Z, you have to try something different to stand out!


A throwback design for SSR, the MKIII Neo wheel is now made in 18" sizing and we are all about it.  The original wheel was only in small sizes like 14" and meant for Kei cars mostly.  We love that the owner of this 350Z Roadster takes a throwback nod to their Z with these MKIII wheels from SSR.

While we don't have a full SSR catalog listed on our site, we can get you set up with any set you need.  We only have the cast wheels listed only due to the huge custom nature of the 3 piece SSR wheels.  Contact us to get pricing and more information on SSR wheels.

Have questions about any wheels show above, or want to learn more about other wheels for your Nissan 350Z? Please contact us today and we’d love to help get you started on a set of dream wheels for your Z.

Wheel Fitments for Nissan 350Z

Starting from least aggressive to most aggressive, here are some examples of different sizes and offsets and how they look on the Nissan 350Z. (pics and information provided by

18x9.5 +12 / 18x10.5 +15 Volk Racing TE37

18x9.5” +12 – Work Wheels Emotion CR

18x9.5" +15 / 18x10.5" +15 – Enkei RPF1

18x10" +20 / 18x11" +18 – Volk TE37SL

18x10" -3 / 18x12" -3 - Work Equip

18x10" +0 / 18x11" +0 - Work VS-MX

18x10.5" +15 - Enkei RPF1

18x10.5" +12 (20mm spacer in rear) - WedsSport TC-105N

18x11" +0 / 18x12" +0 - Work Equip

19x9" -7 / 19x10" -5 - Gram Lights 57s Pro

19x9.5" +22 (15mm spacer) / 19x10.5" +22 (20mm spacer) - Volk Racing TE37

19x9.5" +24 / 19x11" +22 - Work Wheels Varianza

19x9.5" +11 / 19x11" +18 - Junction Produce Scara

So there we go! We hope that you got inspired by this post and envision how you want your Nissan 350Z to look with a proper set of wheels.

If you have any questions regarding wheel fitment, styles, or brands that we might carry at Furious Customs, please do not hesitate to  contact us for more information. We are here to help build your dream car within the budget that you have.

Keep on tuning!