VIP Modular Wheels


VIP Modular Wheels have been killing the scene with their fully custom 3 piece forged wheels in a variety of VIP, concave, and sporty designs.  We are proud to be a dealer of VIP Modular Wheels and as always you can expect the best service and free shipping at Furious Customs.

You know VIP Modular wheels from the countless Euro, Japanese, and high end exotic cars wearing their fresh wheels.  Each set is made to order and your vehicle weight, offset, backspacing, lip size and more is taken in to account for each set made by VIP Modular.  With a lead time of 5-6 weeks for delivery, VIP Modular brings a great new original spin on what 3 piece forged wheels should look like.


New to 2014 is the cast line of wheels by VIP Modular.  More affordable and 1 piece cast construction brings the VIP Modular brand in the hands of more car enthusiasts with their unique mesh & concave wheels.  


Furious Customs is a direct dealer of VIP Modular wheels and have the best pricing & free shipping on all wheels.  Shop online through our catalog and try to determine which wheel is your favorite...

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