Lightweight, forged TWS Wheels from Japan now at Furious Customs

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We are excited to announce that we are a new direct dealer of Japan based TWS Wheels.  TWS Wheels is known for their high end motorsports line, specifically the T66-F wheel (pictured above) in a variety of premade fitments for popular applications, both Japanese and European fitments.

TWS uses a proprietary forging process that results in amazing lightweight wheels.  For instance, the TWS T66-F wheel in 18x9.5" is only 16 lbs.  Compared to a Volk or Advan wheel in the same size, it saves 3-4 pounds per wheel and maintains the stiffness you need for track days.

The price of the motorsports line such as T66-F is around the same price you'd expect to pay for high end Japanese forged wheels - around $3.5 - $4k for a set.  The T66-F wheel is available in gold, gunmetal, or silver.

While their motorsports line is their most notable one here in the USA, TWS is actually a company that focuses on custom wheels for high end, exotic Japanese and European cars.  Their Exspur and Exlete lines offer a wide range of amazing looking, one off forged wheels made in high end materials like Magnesium.

All of these wheels are 100% customizable and offer different faces for concavity such as Normal and Deep Concave.  They are truly a besoke wheel program made with the highest standards and forging processes.

If you're in the USA and looking to get a set of TWS wheels, we'd love to help you out.  Some wheels are in stock in Japan, ready to ship, with a lead time of around a month - just contact us to see what is currently in stock.  The rest of the wheels that are custom made are around a 3-4 month lead time which is to be expected.

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