Acura Integra Exhaust

Adding an exhaust to your Acura Integra is a good starter option for modifying your car.  By upgrading your Acura Integra exhaust, you get a better driving experience and performance gain.  Aftermarket performance exhausts improves the look of your car as well as a performance increase.  Your Acura Integra will sound very much different (usually a deeper, louder tone) with the addition of an exhaust.  The goal of the performance exhaust is to increase your horse power from reducing the back pressure of the stock exhaust system.  

The exhaust also adds an aesthetic upgrade from the stock unit and comes in a variety of sizes and tip shapes.  Be sure to look for videos of the exhaust you're thinking about upgrading to, and also to check if the system is axle-back or cat-back.  Axle-back exhausts are basically a new muffler, with the part you're replacing is just from the rear axle to the rear exhaust tip.  Cat-back exhausts are a much more involving system that goes from the catalytic converter to the rear exhaust tip.  The cat-back system is a better upgrade over the axle-back because it involves more free-flow. 

We carry the best brands like Perrin, Invidia, Borla, Injen, Tanabe, and more for your Acura Integra.  Whether you're looking for exhaust catbacks, exhaust turbobacks, exhaust uppipes, downpipes, or mid-pipes, we have it all.  We also carry headers and cat delete pipes.  If you don't see it on our site, please contact us for a full price quote.  Get an exhaust for your Acura Integra today from Furious Customs!

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