Why JDM cars have been on the up-rise

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As many people (not just JDM fans) have noticed, cars over from Japan have seen an appreciation in their value unlike every other car. It's not just here in the US, but in Europe, Australia, and even Japan. The demand for them has been so large that entire businesses have been opened for the specific purpose of importing JDM cars. And while the USA has a ban on cars that are not older than 25 years, many places in the world, such as Great Britain don't. But just why is this?

Well, the rise and popularity of drifting not just as a sport, but as a past time or grassroots style events had something to do with it. You see, cars like the 240's or even Soarers and Silvias were only wanted in a prime condition, untouched. This meant that anyone who wanted to drift, could pick up a cheap beaten up rear wheel drive car from Japan, weld the diff if it didn't come with an LSD, and start learning. People started catching on to that and soon became hooked, as it really is as fun as it looks. I mean really, who doesn't like sliding a car around, smiling from ear to ear, all the while creating tire smoke, which proved to be an audience favorite too.

Even the simplest and most beaten up of 240's and MX-5 Miatas increased in value, as everybody wanted a piece of drifting. The body condition doesn't really matter, as everyone wanted them for the engine and suspension. Some people even do crazy engine swaps and put on body kits. The introduction of a drift missile, a car that you specifically use for drifting purposes and beating on didn't really help the affordability of these cars.

All of this left very few clean examples with no or little modifications, as most were getting converted into drift car, even the nicer ones. That's why cars like MX-5's, AE86's and Chaser's have skyrocketed in price. While it was always clear that this would eventually happen with cars like R34 GT-R Skylines and Supras as they are extremely rare and appreciate no matter what, no one expected it to take on the enormous scales it did. 

Cars like the A70 Supra and S15's have only now started appreciating in value, so if you were thinking of getting one, whether it be for drifting or profit, now is the time to buy. For more great articles follow the blog and make sure to follow us on Facebook. Also don't forget to check out the store, as we have great JDM performance parts for many Japanese brands and models.