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New Wheel Alert : Enkei NT03RR

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Enkei has done it again!  JDM Wheel nerds may know the predecessor to this wheel, the Enkei NT03+M.  Enkei has applied their MAT DURA II technology found on the RS05RR to make the new NT03RR wheel lighter and stronger than the original NT03+M.  The wheel design is close to the original, featuring a 10 spoke thin wheel design with an outer ring that creates a stronger, more rigid wheel.

This NT03RR wheel is in its fourth generation and it looks amazing!  Since it is available in three faces, there are aggressive setups possible for this wheel, like on the 18x10.5" +15 version in Titanium Gold.  

We do have limited quantities of this wheel on stock, so act quick if you see it on our catalog!  We can also custom order any size you like, but please be aware of the 2-3 month+ lead time associated with that.

Enkei NT03RR Wheels in Stock

17x9" +45 5x114.3 Gunmetal - $495
18x10.5" +15 5x114.3 Titanium Gold - $598.50
18x9.5" +27 5x114.3 Titanium Gold - $540
17x9" +45 5x114.3 Silver - $495
18x10.5" +25 5x114.3 Gunmetal - $576
18x9.5" +40 5x114.3 Victory Blue - $581.90
18x9.5" +40 5x114.3 Gunmetal - $540
18x9.5" +27 5x114.3 Gunmetal - $540

Check out how amazing this wheel looks on a variety of cars here: