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The new BRZ STI Sport is finally here

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The Tokyo Auto Salon showcased lots of high-powered racers, as well as quirky, Japanese creations, but it also debuted the new Subaru BRZ STI Sport. Before you get too excited, no, it doesn't get more power, as the engine remains the same with literally no changes at all, but there are plenty of other, exciting upgrades to the rest of the car.

The STI Sport moniker should make it immediately obvious that this isn't a full-blown STI model. Think of it as the trim closest to an actual STI, much like BMW is doing with its M-trims,  Audi with its S-lines or Lexus with the F Sport packages. Still, upgrades aren't limited to just visual changes, and we're really grateful for that. A flexible V-brace has been installed in the engine bay and flexible chassis support rods have been bolted onto the undercarriage, all in an effort to make it as stiff as possible. The result isn't as noticeable as getting a hundred horsepower more, but you can definitely feel that the new parts are doing their job. The ride harshness remains the same, but the overall integrity of the car is improved. It flexes less in the corners, and aims to stay level with minimal body roll. This is definitely somewhere in between the standard BRZ and an actual STI variant (should they decide to make one that is). 

A performance muffler offers better exhaust flow, possibly releasing a horsepower or two more, with the added bonus of sounding a lot better. Official horsepower figure still stands at 205 however, thanks to last year's redesigned intake manifold adding the extra 5 horsepower. The rest of the upgrades are purely cosmetic, but more than welcome: aggressive skirts all around, gloss-black spoiler, matte black finished 18-inch aluminum wheels and Alcantara and leather seats. 

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