Toyota Supra Exhausts

Toyota Supra A90 2020 Exhaust - JDM Exhaust Performance Supra Exhaust

Upgrade your new 2020 Supra with a better sounding and better performing exhaust!  

One of the most impactful mods you can make on your Supra would be to upgrade it with a full exhaust replacement.  It accomplishes a few things: better performance, better & louder sound, and a more aggressive accent to your car's rear end.  It's one of the most cost effective modifications you can do to start customizing your A90 Supra.

Another great thing about a JDM exhaust upgrade is that you can most likely do it yourself in your own garage.  Most of the kits we sell are direct plug and play and wouldn't take longer than an hour for you to remove your stock exhaust and replace it with a performance aftermarket one in our catalog.


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