Mitsubishi Evolution VIII Brakes

Looking for brakes for your Mitsubishi Evolution?  We have the top brands of brake kits and brake pads for the Mitsubishi Evolution.  You know that stopping is equally as important as acceleration, right?  With just a couple of brake modifications such as larger brake rotos, brake pads, or steel braided brake lines, you will make a noticeable difference for the handling and performance of your Mitsubishi Evolution.  

You will hear time and time again that you must have the stopping powers of a high performance brake system.  Why do you think that the exotic car manufacturers spend the big bucks on brake development?  It's crucial to performance as well as safety for your drive.  

Mitsubishi Evolution Brakes

Stock brake systems are usually not adequate enough for hard driving.  If you have upgraded the engine even just a bit on your Mitsubishi Evolution, you have probably already outgrew the stock brake pads and brake rotors.  Big Brake Kits are designed to give you a larger rotor, which is also usually lighter than your stock unit.  Adding slotted, drilled, or slotted and drilled options to your brake rotors helps to dissipate the heat to keep your brakes cool on your Mitsubishi Evolution.  

Steel braided brake lines are meant to replace your OEM lines to give you a better pedal feel for when you brake on your Mitsubishi Evolution.  Furious Customs has the best brands when it comes to Mitsubishi Evolution brakes and brake systems such as Brembo, StopTech, Hawk, EBC, Agency Power, and more.  If you don't see the part you're looking for on our site, just contact us for a quote!

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