Infiniti G37 Air Intake

Adding an intake to your Infiniti G37 brings more horsepower, a "whoosh" noise to your acceleration, and points for your presentation under the hood.  There are many brands that make Infiniti G37 cold air intakes or short ram intakes with the main differences being the different research and development when it comes to the tube size, quality of air filter, overall fitment, and effectiveness.  

Even if you are just starting out with modifying your Infiniti G37, or don't even have big plans for it, an air intake is a perfect place to start.  You may get the "tuning bug" after your first performance air intake is installed on your Infiniti G37, which isn't really a bad thing... It can only lead to a fun, new hobby!

Adding an air intake not only increases performance on your Infiniti G37, but it also increases your fuel efficiency.  Air Intake companies go to great lengths of R&D to make sure that the air intake you are getting is not only good for performance, but also good for your car.

When it comes to the air intake for your Infiniti G37, consider going for the best one available since it is such a vital part of your car.  You can usually expect a 5-10 horsepower gain as well as better gas mileage as a result of the free flowing air.  Most air intakes can easily be installed by yourself with the supplied directions.  Be kind to your Infiniti G37 and hook it up with an air intake today!  Furious Customs carries performance air intakes for your Infiniti G37 and we would love to help you out.

We sell many of the top brands for air intakes like AEM, Greddy, HKS, AFE, Injen, K&N, Agency Power, and more.

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