Jose's R32 Nissan GTS-T - Newest FC Squad Member

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We've recently opened our doors to more sponsorship opportunities and couldn't turn away this super clean R32 GTS-T Skyline.  Jose messaged us with these pics and current mods done and we were hooked!  We love that the 25 year rule allows for the importation and registration of R32 Skylines (including the almighty GTR) and we are pumped to have one on our squad now.

Sitting flush on 17x9" Enkei RPF1s is such a solid look for this car.  It's lowered on Fortune Auto coilovers to allow for adjustability when Jose (hopefully) takes this car to the track.  

It also has a rare NISMO rear wing.  We love the OEM look of the wing with its 3rd brake light also installed.

Jose mentioned that the car already has a custom exhaust, down pipe, air intake, and intercooler installed.  It also has the RB25 turbo installed on this RB20DET engine at 12 psi.

The R32 Skyline is one of those special cars to us JDM fans.  The elusiveness of the car in the US and it being in every racing game growing up has always kept a special, unique nature of this car.  We're excited to see what the future holds and what the next mod will be - we are in talks to get some Advan wheels for it :)