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As a leading dealer of 3SDM Wheels since 2011, we've seen their designs and success grow over the years.  Starting with the 0.05 wheel, 3SDM made a loud launch on to the enthusiast car scene, focusing on the VW / Euro markets.  They have also recently started their own line of forged wheels which can be made in any custom spec for your vehicle that you need including width, diameter, offset, lip profile, exposed hardware or not, and finish.  

The newest entry to their cast wheel line is the 0.66 wheel.  Inspired by vintage rally racing design, 3SDM took a classic group B rally design and made it their own with 18" aggressive sizing.  In a saturated wheel market, it is definitely hard to make a unique design and be successful with it, but we think 3SDM took the right amount of risk with this design.  It plays off of designs that have been used nearly 40 years ago and adds modern, concave fitments - how can you go wrong?

This Jetta wagon is equipped with the staggered 18x8.5" / 18x9.5" setup and it works so well.  The light concave face in the rear makes for just enough of a visual effect that it becomes an aggressive OEM+ setup.  

This combo of the silver wheel on gray / silver is stellar and even with just a drop and wheels, totally transforms the car.

What do you think?  What modern car do you think this wheel would look best on?  We'd love to see it on a MK4 GTI or BMW M2.

If you're looking for a set of 3SDM 0.66 wheels as shown above, be sure to shop 3SDM Wheels here or contact us.  We can also help get you a set of 3SDM forged wheels if you are interested as we have been a full dealer of 3SDM wheels since 2011.

3SDM 0.66 Wheel - 18x8.5"

3SDM 0.66 Wheel - 18x9.5"