Cosmis Wheels has a new wheel with Flow Forming Technology - R1 PRO WHEEL

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Cosmis Wheels R1 Pro Wheel

Cosmis Wheels, known for their innovative and aggressive wheel designs, have just released a new wheel that incorporates Flow Forming Technology - and we are pumped!  

What is flow forming?

We're glad you asked!  Flow forming technology basically combines both methods of wheel casting and wheel forging, but has a sweet middle ground where it doesn't cost the price of a fully forged wheel ($$$).  It's a new technology that brings to the market a light weight wheel that doesn't compromise on quality and price.  

This new R1 Pro wheel from Cosmis is a slick, motorsports inspired design available in an aggressive 18x10.5" +32 offset.  

In 5x100 or 5x114.3, this wheel is available in:

  • Black Chrome
  • Hyper Bronze
  • Gold
  • Silver

We've been a dealer of Cosmis Racing Wheels since 2009 and have a great relationship with them, which means that we have the best pricing and stock around, not to mention our Free Shipping on all wheel sets!  

If you're looking to get a set, you can shop on our site here:

Cosmis Racing R1 Pro Wheel

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