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New Feature: Live Inventory on JDM Wheels!

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We've been working hard over the last few years to be the #1 source when it comes to your wheel needs, and we are one step closer with a new feature : live inventory on our most popular brands!  

The live inventory system works for wheels of the following JDM brands:

  • Advan Racing
  • Volk Racing
  • Gram Lights
  • Enkei Wheels
  • SSR Wheels

Simply go to our live JDM wheel inventory page and use the filter on the left to find your perfect wheel that is in stock, ready to ship.  No need to wait 3+ months!

Our inventory is regularly updated (painstakingly) to ensure that this page is up to date.  

Why did we go to this effort, though?

Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we have shopped many different stores before Furious Customs was a shop.  We know how annoying it can be to order a part and get a call or email that it is actually out of stock with a long wait, so this is why we created this live inventory for over 900+ wheels that are normally hard to get.

If you are looking to get a wheel that isn't listed in our inventory, please contact us for a special order.

Limited Edition Blue Gunmetal SSR GTX01 Now in Stock.

The SSR GTX01 wheel has been a huge hit among daily driven show cars and track cars alike.  Using a flow formed technology, the GTX01 wheel combines light weight, strong construction with a price tag that won't break your bank.  This one piece flow formed wheel is available in 18" and 19" fitments, in aggressive fitments [...]

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All New - Enkei GTC01RR Wheels!

We're pumped to bring the Enkei GTC01RR wheel to our lineup here at Furious Customs.  We aim to be the best source for JDM wheels and is the reason we've added the new Enkei GTC01RR to our lineup.The GTC01RR wheel is a flow formed wheel, meaning it is affordable, lightweight, and strong!  It is available in 3 [...]

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Cosmis Wheels has a new wheel with Flow Forming Technology - R1 PRO WHEEL

Cosmis Wheels R1 Pro WheelCosmis Wheels, known for their innovative and aggressive wheel designs, have just released a new wheel that incorporates Flow Forming Technology - and we are pumped!  What is flow forming?We're glad you asked!  Flow forming technology basically combines both methods of wheel casting and wheel forging, but has a sweet middle ground [...]

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New Wheel Alert : Enkei NT03RR

Enkei has done it again!  JDM Wheel nerds may know the predecessor to this wheel, the Enkei NT03+M.  Enkei has applied their MAT DURA II technology found on the RS05RR to make the new NT03RR wheel lighter and stronger than the original NT03+M.  The wheel design is close to the original, featuring a 10 spoke thin wheel design [...]

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5 Spoke Loving : the all new WedsSport RN-05M wheel is now available

WedsSport is known for bringing its lightweight, aggressive looking wheels to both the street and the track.  They have a long history in motorsports going back to 1965 and have been a respected brand in the world of enthusiast performance as well as racing.  New for 2017 is the RN-05M wheel that we have in stock [...]

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