The new Subaru WRX is here

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The WRX just received it's midlife facelift, and so did the WRX STI. It didn't really need it, but hey, if Subaru feels like it, then we'll take it. There are quite a few updates to go through, so let's get started

The looks

The exterior hasn't been drastically changed, but you can spot the differences. The front bumper has been reshaped. The STI's foglights have been removed, the upper grille has been better integrated while the lower one gets even bigger than before. Steering-responsive headlights (semi-adaptive) have been fitted, and new 19-inch wheels make an appearance. The rear wing, thankfully, hasn't been tampered with.

Suspension and differential

Although no details have been announced, Subaru promises that changes have been made to make the car steer better and ride over bumps even smoother. The electric power steering has been revised as well, giving a smoother and natural feel. Elsewhere, the mechanical center limited slip diff is gone in favor of an electronic one.

Better brakes

The STI gets even chunkier brakes. The old, four-piston ones have been replaced with six-piston Brembo calipers, providing incredible amounts of braking power.The rears are still two-piston, but all rotors are now bigger. Oh, and the pads have been switched with fade-resistant ones. Nice.