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Toyota 86 Front Lip, Side Skirts, Rear Spats (paint matched!) now available at Furious Customs.

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Since Toyota decided to slash the Scion brand and update the FR-S to the new face-lifted 86, there haven't been a ton of options for exterior styling on the new 86.  We are pumped to hear that Miami based company NIA Bodykits has launched their own line of front lip, side skirts, and rear spats for the new 86.  These easy to install body pieces are also paint matched perfectly to the color code on your 86 so there's less for you to worry about.

All of the pieces include hardware for an easy, DIY install.  These ABS plastic pieces are precise and have no body line gaps - essential as any car enthusiast knows!  Since they are made of ABS plastic, they flex and bend if bottomed out (instead of cracking like fiberglass).  

We love how the front lip, side skirts, and rear spats all flow together so nicely on the Toyota 86.  The car is aggressive already in its own right, but adding these essential body pieces makes the car look lower, more aggressive, and more personalized.

The front eyelids as pictured here also make for a more personal, more aggressive 86.  Luckily, Toyota did not change the shape of the head lights, so these eye lids work on the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ as well.  They also come paint matched, just like the front lip.

We've been a dealer of NIA body kits since 2009 and have a great relationship with this company.  As with all products at Furious Customs, we ship fast with free shipping.  Shop here with confidence:

NIA Front Lip - Paint Matched - Toyota 86 2017+

NIA Side Skirts - Paint Matched - Toyota 86 2017+

NIA Rear Spats - Paint Matched - Toyota 86 2017+

NIA Front Eyelids - Paint Matched - Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86

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