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The Origin of Popular Mods

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We're sure you've seen a lot of mainstream car mods, and by now some of you might be sick of it. Some are tasteful, others not so much, but that's all down to personal preference anyway. Today we take a look at four popular mods and see how they originated. You might get surprised by this one.

Yellow Lights

Not a lot of cars are rocking the yellow light life, but they are slightly more popular in Europe and Asia. Achieved by yellow HIDs or a yellow tint, this mod traces its roots back to racing. It originally started in France on GT cars. The purpose behind it is rather genius, because it has two functions. Firstly, yellow lights create less glare for the drivers, giving them better visibility, and second, it's a great way of creating classes and separating the faster cars from the slower ones. 

Taped Headlights

This one is slightly more common, but almost no one knows its use. Well, again, we trace the roots back to racing. Taping the headlights will keep the glass together in the event that you do crash. This results in less or no broken glass scattered on the track, therefore providing more safety.

Fat Tires

Unless you actually drive a drag racer, this one is more for show rather than go. It's fitted to cars in an effort to mimic the fat tire look dragsters have, but really, if you're not driving a dragster, you're probably making your car worse. Given, there are exceptions, especially if you do control how wide of tires you put, but either way, not a very practical mod.

Negative Camber

And so, we get to the most common one, especially on Japanese cars. Again, this trend originates from racing where it does find purpose, but it's actually a downgrade for the streets. The theory behind it is that as you're cornering, because of the negative camber the weight transfer to one side will cause the tire to actually bend sideways too, effectively giving you 0 camber, i.e. a full contact patch when cornering. Because most road cars don't corner that heavy or that frequently however, it's not really practical or useful. 

Modifying Don'ts

When modifying cars, a lot of people choose to only add more power to the engine, without even considering the consequences of not having any supporting mods. Now, we know we can't tell you how to modify your car because it is, well, your car, but there are a few don'ts when it comes to [...]

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ADVAN Wheels

AVS Model F7The F7 is Advan's first forged one-piece wheel. It features a 7-spoke design and it's available in a choice of 2 Hyper colors: Platinum Black and Platinum Silver. It's also available in three different sizes, ranging from 18 inch to 20 inch. The F7 is as powerful as you might think it is, [...]

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BBS Wheels

Whether you're a gamer who loves racing games, a car enthusiast, or a mechanic, chances are you've heard of BBS before. They're one of the most recognizable wheels brands of all times, up there with Enkei and MOMO. BBS started in 1970, as a brainchild of Klaus Brand in the Black Forest of Schiltach. BBS [...]

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Three "average" cars with a not-so-average engine

1. Lexus GS300Some of you may know this, but the GS300 actually carries the same engine as the Toyota Supra. Crazy right? Before you get too excited, know that it's actually the naturally aspirated 2JZ engine only, not the crazy twin-turbocharged one we all love. Still, it's not like a 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder is [...]

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JZ engine

Whether or not you're a petrolhead, you will have at one point or another heard the JZ name. And we're not talking about the rapper either. No, we're talking about an inline-six engine built by Toyota from 1990 to 2005. A name signifying one of the most reliable and tunable engines ever built. The JZ [...]

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The brand new Toyota Supra

We're no strangers to the Toyota Supra. Furious Customs carries a lot of performance aftermarket parts for both the third (III) and fourth (IV) gen Supra. But if there's one thing that can get us more excited than jdm parts for a Supra, it's a completely brand new Supra. That's right, it's officially happening. Although there [...]

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Racing Simulations

Not many people know this but the actual level of details that racing simulations have is astonishing. It's not an arcade like game, and certainly not one you can play with your mouse or keyboard. You'll need a proper set of wheel, pedal and even a shifter to be even remotely competitive, but really that's [...]

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ARK Performance Sale

ARK is a brand which needs no introduction at this point. They have been featured on our site a couple of times and everyone should be well acquainted with them and their products. We can't expect everyone to know that however, so here's a short recap:ARK is a high-quality performance parts manufacturer from Korea. They [...]

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An evolution of the Nissan GT-R

We've always been massive fans of Godzilla. The R35 is one of the best sportscars/supercars at the moment. We're putting it in both categories since it's closer to a sportscar price wise, but closer to a supercar performance wise. The original R35 GT-R was a crude thing. It ran great but it was far from [...]

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