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A Modern Classic - The Enkei RPF1 Wheel

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Sometimes, a product comes along that is so good at its price point that it becomes an instant classic.  To anyone that loves cars and modifying them or even racing them, they know the  Enkei RPF1 wheel.  It's a superbly lightweight, cast wheel that is also very rigid and most importantly, affordable.

Enkei RPF1 on Subaru BRZ

Let's just put in perspective how light weight this wheel is.  The  18x9.5" version is only 18.2 pounds.  A popular forged wheel like the Volk TE-37 in the same size is 18.0 pounds - but 4 times more expensive!  Of course there are debates about cast vs forged wheels and the handling characteristics, but pound for pound comparing to cost, the Enkei RPF1 wheel is a clear winner.

Aesthetics are very much subjective, however you can't argue with the clean lines and subtle lip that the Enkei RPF1 has.  The dual 6 spoke design provides a clear view to the brakes and adds a great motorsports touch to any car.

We love the wheel so much, we even ran it on our Scion FR-S demo car for a few months.  Equipped with Advan AD08 tires on the 17x8" RPF1s, this thing handled like a go-kart, though it was hard to put the power down to the rears.

So, how does Enkei make a wheel so light for so cheap?  The answer is : MAT (Most Advanced Technology).  It's basically a mix of two technologies which is a process of casting and forging.  It gives the wheel high material strength and keeps the manufacturing cost more affordable than a fully forged wheel.  Another plus is that it gives greater freedom of design for the wheel face.

Enkei's involvement in motorsports also is a huge factor in their R&D.  They were actually the supplier to the McLaren F1 team and the RPF1 wheel is a replica of the wheel used on the McLaren Mercedes Formula One race team.  They found that the wheel's twin spoke design was optimal for stress dispersion on curves, hard braking, and extreme driving.

So, now that you know a little bit more about this modern classic, the Enkei RPF1 for sale, what do you think another "modern classic" wheel would be?

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