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Three "average" cars with a not-so-average engine

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1. Lexus GS300

Some of you may know this, but the GS300 actually carries the same engine as the Toyota Supra. Crazy right? Before you get too excited, know that it's actually the naturally aspirated 2JZ engine only, not the crazy twin-turbocharged one we all love. Still, it's not like a 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder is anything to complain about. If you have enough money (or are mechanically skilled) you can even do a turbo conversion yourself. America even got the GS400 model which featured a 300 hp 1UZ V8 engine. Oh, if you're in Japan, don't forget the Toyota Aristo, which is basically a GS. Except it actually has a turbocharged 2JZ under the hood. Now that would make a great sleeper. 

2. Nissan Stagea

The Stagea is to the Nissan Skyline GT-R what the GS300 is to the Supra. Well, almost anyway. The GS300 is a large luxurious sedan, whereas the Stagea is a big wagon that's not really all that plush. Pop the bonnet open however and if it's the flagship Stagea, you'll find an RB26DETT in the engine bay. The similarities to  GT-R don't stop there because, as you may have guessed it, the Stagea is just a GT-R in wagon body. The lower versions do get an RB25DET but even then, it's basically a Skyline. 

3. Toyota Century

Unless you're a really big car enthusiast or JDM fan you probably won't have heard of the Century. It's by far one of the coolest things to come out of Japan. It looks classic and elegant even today, but there's something sinister and evil about it. It's the perfect mafia-boss vehicle, the ultimate evil henchman ride. It's also the only front-engined rear-wheel drive car to have a V12 engine, ever. That makes it super cool in our book.

JZ engine

Whether or not you're a petrolhead, you will have at one point or another heard the JZ name. And we're not talking about the rapper either. No, we're talking about an inline-six engine built by Toyota from 1990 to 2005. A name signifying one of the most reliable and tunable engines ever built. The JZ [...]

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The brand new Toyota Supra

We're no strangers to the Toyota Supra. Furious Customs carries a lot of performance aftermarket parts for both the third (III) and fourth (IV) gen Supra. But if there's one thing that can get us more excited than jdm parts for a Supra, it's a completely brand new Supra. That's right, it's officially happening. Although there [...]

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Racing Simulations

Not many people know this but the actual level of details that racing simulations have is astonishing. It's not an arcade like game, and certainly not one you can play with your mouse or keyboard. You'll need a proper set of wheel, pedal and even a shifter to be even remotely competitive, but really that's [...]

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ARK Performance Sale

ARK is a brand which needs no introduction at this point. They have been featured on our site a couple of times and everyone should be well acquainted with them and their products. We can't expect everyone to know that however, so here's a short recap:ARK is a high-quality performance parts manufacturer from Korea. They [...]

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An evolution of the Nissan GT-R

We've always been massive fans of Godzilla. The R35 is one of the best sportscars/supercars at the moment. We're putting it in both categories since it's closer to a sportscar price wise, but closer to a supercar performance wise. The original R35 GT-R was a crude thing. It ran great but it was far from [...]

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The 240SX and the 350Z

We're no strangers to comparisons and rivalries here. We've done a few articles based on the rivalry between the EVO and the STI as well as the Skyline versus the Supra. The thing is, most of those have been about vehicles from different manufacturers and therefore received lots of support and love from their respective [...]

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Cosmis Wheels on Sale for Memorial Day

Through May 30th only, save 10% on your Cosmis Wheel order!  These almost never go on sale, so this is a great time to buy.Use coupon code: Cosmis at check out.  Go here to see all the Cosmis wheels.

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The Mazda 3

If there's one thing we like here at Furious Customs it's fast small vehicles which always seem to blow your mind. The Mazda 3, or rather the Mazdaspeed3 is exactly one of those vehicles. The relatively mundane looks never failed to amaze anyone trying to catch it or even challenge it. It really was a [...]

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2016 Lexus GS

Furious Customs is no stranger to the Lexus GS. Apart from it being one of the best medium luxury limos, we also wrote an article in which we even declared it to be a good drift car. Not because it's inherently good at it, but because it's affordable and can be tuned to produce great [...]

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