Cosmis Wheels

Cosmis Racing Wheels - bringing affordable, aggressive fit wheels to an affordable price point in many colors and sizes.

Cosmis Wheels USA is a new player in the wheel market game and brings many different styles, colors, and aggressive wheel sizes to the car enthusiast looking to make their car look great for less.  We all know wheels make or break the car and you can get a great looking set of wheels and still have money for suspension and engine upgrades.


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Cosmis Wheels are perfect for the amateur or pro drifter - the style and price point on the wheels just makes sense.  What we like most is that wheels like the MRII, SR5, and MR7 from Cosmis have a highly desired deep concave face without the huge price tag most concave wheels carry.


Furious Customs is a distributor of Cosmis Wheels and we are excited to get your car setup on a set of these beautiful wheels.  If you need any help with picking the right size / design / offset wheel for your car, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are known for our fast service and accurate information, and more importantly, getting your car hooked up right!